Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slow cooked Love!

This was a thought I had today while meandering through my thoughts.

I was thinking of Love and relationships as I am usually prone to do especially when I want to avoid doing anything else :)

you know what... I have had many boyfriends, a couple of loves, and I have some of the bestest greatest most talented friends, and a cooky ass family.

I think of all of this when I think of love. I think about Love a lot because it sometimes it the Big L feeling boggles my brain.

I have to say all of this was way more eloquent in my head... but I persist.

These are my thoughts...

I loved Stephanie the first time I saw her. I wanted her to be my friend so badly and thought she was the neetest person. The first time I saw Mitch I thought he was a fox and seriously interesting especially by the way he returned my gaze and silly smile and wore patten leather combat boots. The first time I saw/ met Kinan he took my breath away and at a moment I thought my heart would close forever he put his foot in the door. Then I became his stalker the end. I loved my Mom right away probably before I was born and I love my children those who are just eggs in my ovaries or yet to be born in some far off country - I love them without even seeing them. My sister - I love her eternally and am bonded to her through thick and thin ... same as my brother although a little different it is the same.

why do I go on about this love? what is the point you ask about all of those sentences? Well I will tell you, that it has to do with Slow cooked Love. yes that's right Love at first sight - You my friend can suck it!

Love is slowly cooked and oven roasted to perfection over 25 years of creative imagination, 8 years of sporadic and sweet opportunities to hang out and an eternity of sisterhood. Love is a rotisserie, getting crunchier with every turn, tastier with ever brush of the savory sauce of life, and served continually through glances, laughs, tears and wonderment.

I like my love slow roasted to perfection with a side of friendship fries and ice cold glass of shut the hell up brain no need to ponder on this one. I could have said an Ice cold glass of ... Nah what I said earlier tops the cake :)

Love is not something to be afraid of. It does not need to be said out loud for it exists in the pools of your eyes, the warmth of your hands and potentially the palm of your lips. Love is appreciation.

Be warned however, Love can exist in your imagination alone. Yes that's right you can make it up and push yourself to believe that you love or are in love purely because you desire to be that way... or because you really want some kind of end product of life. It's silly but true - trust me I know from experience. Fortunately I found out what I was doing, and it wasn't that I didn't love the person ... but the kind of love that was needed wasn't the type that I could will into existence for the other being - fortunately for the both of us I realized that.

What I'm saying people is let your love be what it is.

I'm finding that for me that love that is slowly cooked over years of one odd experience after another (I should just call it life) is the one I can relate to the most. I always wanted to be the love at first sight girl - always trying to will that at into existence - but I can say that Like and wonder at first sight leads in the direction of Love. That feeling and action which tingles your toes, screws with the chemistry in your brain (making you say and do things that make no sense at all), and could easily take your breath away is there always... waiting/ simmering in the boiling pot of your life, slowly cooking to perfection.

You know when I cook I always make bigger portions than I can eat. I think that is the same with the love and affection I have around me. So let us slow cook our good lovin ways and eat some fried chicken friends!

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