Monday, December 27, 2010

Grown-Up-Goo and The Christmas Miracle!

So My plan is to write something everyday or at least write when the writens good.

So Manda,

  • Write every day...
  • Start making patterns for Anais' Coat
  • Take a walk
  • Look at something beautiful (upon my brothers request a few days ago)
  • Meditate or Yoga or both
  • Sleep in while I can
  • Make at least two things for etsy and see how that goes :)
  • fold my cloths
  • Go to D land with bff!
Oh I must share my Christmas Miracle...
which I must say was totally because I wrote this killer essay about No Exit by Sartre.

I was struggling this entire semester ... in fact this semester was overwhelmingly challenging!
I started off the school year totally exhausted and ready for a break and felt burnt out half way through the semester. Fortunately I have a good academic adviser who convinced me to stick with my Art and Ideology Class (I called her every week for three weeks telling her I wanted to drop that class - She Will be getting Flowers) and patient professors!

Sooo back to my Christmas Miracle ... I decided to take Art and ideology this year. It was a fascinating class and the history of art portion of the class was easy. The philosophy half was what got me! Needless to say I struggled with that portion of the class - trying to get through the reading and then writing about it. I wish that that portion of the class was way longer just so I could understand it better. I disliked the reading in such a short period of time but loved listening to the prof. in class. I do have this desire to read more of Nietzsche, Marx, Heidegger, Sarte and so on. At some point. If nothing else but to have a better grasp on their philosophies. Any ways... I really was not the best student in this class - I failed half of my mid term and missed one of the papers - but luckily I shaped up my act and always participated in class and studied enough for the final - Babies I got a B in this class - and that my friends that is a Christmas Miracle!

The toughness of this semester was quite trans-formative! I feel that grownup hood is no longer just around the corner ... it is as if I dove into a vat of it and have decided to take up a permanent residence in that adult goo! Of course being me - I fight like hell and make a big mess - mostly of my psyche and my house and my car! Ok it just a big freeken mess! but I did give myself the gift of a clean house for Christmas and Pink hair. So all is well in the house of Me. I was chatting with my brother today - I answered the phone particularly grumpy and as par usual chatting with him was uplifting - I read him my paper, my poem, and my blog. He is a great critic and supporter and talking with him is always worth while. I am thankful!

Oh Grown-up-Goo! if only I could create a Goo-begone - but that wouldn't do! :) truth be told I like the adventure of discovery much to much to get rid of the Goo all together. So here I am sitting in the middle of my vat of Grown-Up-Goo and I am content with the fact that although there are times that the Goo smells of dark putrid green sauce it also can be a bed of marshmallows and fudge covered oreos!

I wrote a lot today... will it count for a few days!! we shall see what my brain does tomorrow :)


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